Pizza Mix or Bread Mix
It is better if you use a quality bread mix. Most of them will have a pizza dough recipe on the pack which will say to use 10% less water.




Pitta Bread
This is a great healthy alternative. They are readily available in every supermarket and will only take 2-3mins to cook in the Maxkon Snack Maker.

Pre-made Base (Fresh) 
They normally take a few minutes longer because they tend to have a thicker base. Use less topping to ensure a quicker cooking time.

Pre-made Base (Frozen)
For best results make sure the base is defrosted. For a quick defrost method; turn oven setting to 1. Add topping to frozen base. Once the light is off, add topped frozen pizza to stone base and close the lid. After 2-3 minutes turn the setting to 2 and cook pizza.

Frozen-topped Pizza 
It is important that these pizzas are fully defrosted prior to cooking. Be aware that they tend to have a lot of moisture and can stick to the stone. So use your metal paddles at the start. You can also place defrosted pizza bases onto a sheet of kitchen towel, this will absorb any free
moisture from the base.

A different way to eat a pizza. Make sure they are not too thick. You can cook them on the stone or in the deep dish. Ricotta cheese is a great filling as you can make dessert calzone by adding banana, stewed apples etc. and serve it with ice cream.

Toasted Sandwiches
These can be cooked on the stone base, simply, add you favourite fillings and place the bread on to the stone. Close the lid and turn the setting up. Check after 3-4mins. When ready, spread butter on the outside of the toasted .

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